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January’s birthstone – the dark red Garnet – evokes the health-giving seeds of Pomegranate. Known for boosting the wearer’s self-confidence, it’s a symbol of faith and devoted friendship. Celebrate the ones you cherish with garnet designs from our Blooming Charms collection.



With its royal sheen of purple, Amethyst imparts feelings of courage, peace, and serenity. February’s birthstone may clear the mind, sharpening the wearer’s focus as it soothes the spirit. Arrange Amethyst stones with charms of luck and affection from our Blooming Charms customised collection.



Like a gift from the sea, blue in green Aquamarine conjures a sense of tranquility. The March birthstone has long been a harbinger of safe voyages. Aquamarine evokes purity and the relaxation of water travel. Giving this gem to a bride symbolises a long, happy marriage. Make inspiring Aquamarine connections with our Blooming Charm designs.


White Topaz

Evocative of diamonds, glittering White Topaz has meditative properties that are believed to enhance a wearer’s spiritual energies. White Topaz banishes the negative as it embraces peace, love, and joy. The stone also pairs well with other gems. Combine it with Blooming Charms and expressions of warm friendship. 



The colour of Spring, dazzling green Emeralds symbolise renewal. They may bring good fortune. Certainly, the wearer of May’s birthstone feels her spirits lifted by the gem’s sparkling beauty and mystical aura. Embellish any gift in our Blooming Charms collection with an Emerald addition!



Mysterious Moonstone, with its opaque, milky shimmer, recalls moonlight reflected over a watery surface. This June birthstone has calming energies and may protect travellers on overnight journeys. Give a gift of luminous Moonstone from our collection of Blooming Charms designs.



Known as the “king of precious stones,” fiery red Ruby represents vital lifeforce, passion, and prosperity. Every bride should wear the July birthstone! Believed to enhance devotion, Ruby makes a splendid anniversary gift. Find a winning combination of rubies, charms, and gems among Blooming Charm designs.



Considered “gem of the sun,” Peridot protects against bad dreams, so the legend goes. The translucent lime/olive hue of August’s birthstone elevates your esprit day or night. It symbolises healing and moving forward from patterns of the past. Pair Peridot with other gems and Blooming Charms.



Deep blue Sapphire, September’s birthstone, inspires creative expression and may focus the mind on a higher calling. Thought to symbolise Heaven, sapphires have been worn for spiritual guidance and enlightenment. Give this gem of wisdom to loved ones, on a Blooming Charms bracelet, bangle, or necklace!


Pink Tourmaline

Wearers prize Pink Tourmaline as a gem of healing properties. It’s believed that October’s birthstone releases worries, protects from falls, and stimulates emotional recovery. A thoughtful gift for expectant mothers and children alike, Tourmaline is so much more than pretty in pink! Create a design with it for friends and siblings. 



The lemony glow of Citrine comforts, calms, and may attract prosperity! November’s birthstone has an amber hue that symbolises an upswing in physical stamina as well as abundance in money matters. It’s also a talisman for building self-esteem. Give this zesty gem in a keepsakes combo of Blooming Charms charms!


Blue Topaz

The exquisite Blue Topaz brings a pop of colour into the everyday. A cool sky blue hue signifies peace and loyalty. Known for its mind energy, the stone stimulates learning, creativity, and communication. Aspire higher and express yourself with clarity. Give an inspiring gift by adding Topaz to a Blooming Charms design.