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Goodbye Summer and Hello Christmas!


Wow, that was a long mind block I had!  Summer is over though and do we start buying for Christmas now?!  Having been to some department stores, I am already seeing shelves being prepared for Christmas stock and I have only just celebrated the kids going back to school after 5 weeks off!

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Every Charm Tells A Story – Here’s Mine!

Every Charm tells a Story

I haven’t blogged in a while and if you didn’t know, blogging is like writing a book! You can have a mind block and at other times, it just flows. I must have had a mind block moment but now I am back with flowing material to hopefully draw you in!

Jewellery is full of meaning and subtle expressions, here’s why.

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Family Inspirations!

Hand Made Gifts?

As we approach mid March, for me, it’s the month for birthdays in my family!  My Dad, my daughter, my friends, my niece….the struggles to purchase the girls a gift is becoming increasingly difficult.  From toys, to books, to arts and crafts, photo frames, the list is running low!!  As my daughter and nieces grow older, keepsakes are becoming more popular! I could choose from so many options at bloomingcharms and why not?

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Which Jewellery will be Trending this Spring!

We all want to know what the trend is in the fashion world.  As we come out of hibernation and step into spring we want to pack our winter wear away and show case our summer wardrobe. We love to also accessorize however, what’s one of the new trends?

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What Are the Benefits of Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery?

Why choose sterling silver?
Sterling silver charms are perfect for any event and will match any bracelet without irritation. They are great for celebrating moments in life you never want to forget i.e. upcoming Mother’s Day!  If you are looking for an exclusive way to celebrate special moments, Blooming Charms get the job done. Sterling silver charms are made from high-quality silver that gleams with a polished Rhodium finish. Such memorable pieces to collect gift.

bette davis jewelry GIF

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Hearts Galore!

What shall I blog about Valentine’s?  This was tricky! hmmmmm, it’s a long shot but I can only try!  It comes around every year, it stands out like a sore heart but still makes our hearts melt, and enough to make us spend even more money! So why do we do it?!

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Help Me!!! My Jewellery is Tarnishing!

Image result for sterling silver care

As I sprayed my newly found Gucci perfume (at the back of the cupboard!) this morning, a quick spray over my clothes and I was suddenly appalled at how I had sprayed my necklace too!!!  I would normally not be too bothered however working everyday with jewellery , I have come to the realisation that I must take more care of my #sterlingsilver pieces.

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Cute, Fun, Unique Jewellery…but for who?

Jewellery for New Mum’s

As we enter the latter part of January 2019, long gone are the thoughts of tinsel, Rudolph the Naughty Elf!  What’s next?  I always like to plan in advance and stay on top of things although not easy, being a working mum of 2.  I have thought about the next occasion in the calendar and next on the list is the arrival of Valentine’s!!  However, we forget that there are occasions that happen everyday! The arrival of those cute little babies!!  That’s why Blooming Charms likes to feature jewellery for new mums!

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Gemstone Jewellery Zodiac Collection can Align your Mind and Body

Wearing personalised Zodiac Charms with a Gemstone is a unique way to express one’s birth month. A suitable gemstone is believed to bring good luck and fulfill the dreams of its wearer. If someone is going through dejected times, then gemstones can help to combat them and are considered to be one of the simplest and most effective astrological remedies.

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How your jewellery is prepped

Step 1
Lets begin with what happens once your order comes through to us…
As soon as this happens, we get that excited flutter of feelings which helps us to start organising your customised charm jewellery!  Your order is viewed and sometimes we may decide to use the process on our social media pages.

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