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Cute, Fun, Unique Jewellery…but for who?

Jewellery for New Mum’s

As we enter the latter part of January 2019, long gone are the thoughts of tinsel, Rudolph the Naughty Elf!  What’s next?  I always like to plan in advance and stay on top of things although not easy, being a working mum of 2.  I have thought about the next occasion in the calendar and next on the list is the arrival of Valentine’s!!  However, we forget that there are occasions that happen everyday! The arrival of those cute little babies!!  That’s why Blooming Charms likes to feature jewellery for new mums!

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Gemstone Jewellery Zodiac Collection can Align your Mind and Body

Wearing personalised Zodiac Charms with a Gemstone is a unique way to express one’s birth month. A suitable gemstone is believed to bring good luck and fulfill the dreams of its wearer. If someone is going through dejected times, then gemstones can help to combat them and are considered to be one of the simplest and most effective astrological remedies.

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How your jewellery is prepped

Step 1
Lets begin with what happens once your order comes through to us…
As soon as this happens, we get that excited flutter of feelings which helps us to start organising your customised charm jewellery!  Your order is viewed and sometimes we may decide to use the process on our social media pages.

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A Look at the past year with BLOOMING CHARMS

We would like to wish you a very happy new year from all of us at Blooming Charms.

Where did 2018 go?!  It went by too fast but what a positive end to 2018 for us!  Blooming Charms took some time to set up however we are seeing demand for the high quality sterling silver jewellery that can be personalised and gifted in the most special way.  Our idea’s have stemmed from years in the jewellery business and we are now noticing what you like most!

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Dazzling Jewellery from Mummy Days


It’s Christmas!!!!   As we enter the magical last week before Christmas, I had the pleasure to also think of my Son’s 6th birthday.  An afternoon at the #BritishMuseum was all he wanted and so that is what we did!  If he wants to learn about history, who am I to stop him?!!  Saved me shoving through crowds of people in Hamley’s, Winter Wonderland, Ice rinks and all the other top attractions in London at this time of year, phew!



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Top 20 Personalised Gifts for all Jewellery Lovers

Good things come in small packages, especially when it’s jewellery – and, it’s true. All ladies out there deserve to amp up their look with beautiful jewellery which makes a memorable keepsake. It has the ability to highlight Women’s personality & make them look & feel beautiful inside out.

You can use the Gift of Jewellery to show your love and appreciation to the people who matter to you the most – your Mum, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Fiancée, or Girlfriend. Blooming Charms is the perfect place to find the right piece of jewellery for any occasion. Here are the Top 20 Personalised Gifts for all Jewellery Lovers:

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Continuing from my last blogpost , there is certainly a lot more to our background which I am happy to share with you…



Ever wondered why how we got here?!  Hard graft, time and patience enabled us to reach the goal of having a well presented website that offers a variety of sterling silver jewellery for you.  From plain silver chains and bracelets to charm jewellery which continues to inspire our customers.


Blooming Charms Flower


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Have you ever wondered what semi-precious, ST,  rhodium, .925  means?  These are just a few of the terms which you will often see when purchasing jewellery.

My History with Jewellery: I first stumbled upon these type of words way back in the 80’s when growing up. My parents owned a wholesale business on Berwick St. London, selling all types of costume jewellery, from Swarovski, glass and metal beads to hardware for customers to make up their own pieces to sell.

The fun part was, as a baby, I actually used to play in my Father’s warehouse/factory and learnt how to walk there!  I even ate the tiny beads that had fallen to the floor.  This would nowadays, probably send any parent into a meltdown and a trip to A&E!!  However, my parents carried on with their day, slogging away day after day whilst I enjoyed my bead treats!

Image result for beads

To this day, the business is still running and has gone from strength to strength and is a huge success.  Please have a browse on

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Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver


What is the difference between silver and sterling silver?


Silver vs. Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver and silver can often by described as the same thing, but in reality, sterling silver is only an alloy of silver and is much more hard wearing.  Silver, which is usually called fine silver, consists of 99.9% pure silver. On the other hand, sterling silver consists of approximately 92.5% silver, and the remaining 7.5% (or even more) is of other metals. Due to the high percentage of silver in ‘pure silver,’ it cannot be used to make those daily rough and tuff items.  Pure silver is too soft if it is to be made into jewellery.


Sterling Silver Bracelet

.925 Sterling Silver Chain


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Why Buy Handcrafted Jewellery?


1) I don’t know about you, but as a busy mum, I seem to have limited time to keep going in and out of the house to shop for any kind of jewellery, especially with a young family in tow! Forget about department store jewellery which tends to be mass produced and designed toward the trend of the moment. Nice for a bold fashion statement but why not celebrate your own style and gift someone a unique personalised piece, what most people don’t have.



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