5 Beautiful Personalised Bracelets For Mum


A personalised bracelet makes a fantastic gift for your mum, whether for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Charm bracelets combine glamour and chic to create a classic piece of jewellery that makes a statement as a truly personal fashion accessory. Personalised jewellery pieces have always been popular gifts for women, especially mums! Rather than giving your mum a generic bracelet or necklace, why not go for a personalised piece of jewellery, such as an engraved or personalised charm bracelet?

After all, what could be a better way to honour the most special person in your life than by personalising a bracelet that is unique to her? Her gift from you allows her to carry her children with her whenever she wears the bracelet. She can wrap the love of her kids around her wrist and think of you whenever she looks at it.

If you are interested in buying your mum a customised bracelet but aren’t sure where to start, here are five of our favourite ideas from our own product catalogue, which you can personalise as a perfect gift for your mum’s birthday or Mother’s Day.

1) Personalised Disc Charm Bracelets Featuring Birthstone

personalised disc charm bracelets








This delicate bracelet is understated and beautiful. It features a subtle heart-shaped chain-link bracelet with a disc charm which can be engraved with your mum’s name or small message. What makes it even more special is the birthstone charm that has been added creatively to make it even more exclusive.

2) Exclusive Silver Mum Charm Bracelet

Exclusive Silver Mum Charm Bracelet








This gorgeous accessory features an elegant bar engraved with the word ‘mum’, attached to a simple, delicate chain. You can purchase it as a gift as it is or you can add a birthstone to make it even more special. The bar is available in a wide range of different colours. You may also engrave the back of this bar with a customised message for your mum – perhaps hers and your initials, or her birth date.

3) Classic Pearl Bracelet Featuring Your Mum’s Initials

Classic Pearl Bracelet Featuring Your Mum’s Initials










This stunning bracelet will turn heads wherever your mum wears it. Pearls are among the most classic choices for women’s jewellery, and when combined with a charm bearing your mum’s first name initial, will make a personalised gift she will treasure forever. Depending on your mum’s sense of style, you may wish to choose natural coloured pearls, or get creative by including some pearls of different colours.

4) Engraved Envelope With Birth Date

Engraved Envelope With Birth Date









Not all mothers will wish to be reminded of their age for every birthday, but on a special occasion, such as her 60th, you may wish to buy her a delicate little charm symbolising a birthday card envelope. These charms look great on a metal bangle or delicate chain bracelet. They also look great when combined with other charms. You can use your imagination and your knowledge of your mum to guide you. In the picture above the bracelet features a round birthstone charm, with a copper love heart pendant engraved with an initial.

5) Silver Moon Charm Bracelet

Silver Moon Charm Bracelet










This stunning piece of personalised jewellery is sure to bring a smile to your mum’s face. It features a moon -shaped charm with a message of love engraved along it, as well as a birthstone to add personalised flair. The solid silver wire bracelet makes a real statement and can be worn with a variety of other colours and types of jewellery. A gift of this charm bracelet will make your mum’s day very special indeed, and will be a gift that keeps on giving whenever she looks at it.

Special Gifts For Your Mum

A mother may hold her child’s hand for a while but she holds their hearts forever. She has always been there for you and now it’s your turn to make this bond even stronger, in the most beautiful and personalised way possible. At I Love Charm Bracelets we supply a wide range of beautiful, delicately crafted charm bracelets and personalised gems to bring a smile to the face and a tear to the eye of any mother who receives them.


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