Charm Bracelets with Birthstones – A Special Birthday Gift Idea for Your Daughter


Birthstones have long been believed to bring good luck, wealth and health to the wearer. A birthstone is a precious or a

semiprecious gemstone associated with either a month of the year or an astrological sign (or occasionally a year of birth

when using Chinese astrology). For centuries birthstones have been incorporated into jewellery, including rings, necklaces and bracelets. Many of these pieces become family heirlooms, passed down in a family from mother to daughter to granddaughter. They still make adored and popular pieces of jewellery as gifts for a range of special occasions, especially birthdays.

Selecting a birthstone bracelet for your daughter will be a treasured and personalised gift, which she will value for the rest of her life. At Blooming Charms we offer a range of beautifully crafted, personalised charm bracelets, which can be adorned with a birthstone of your choice, alongside other charms and trinkets.

Popular Birthstones

The first step to creating a treasured gift for your daughter is to determine which birthstone you need. In Europe and America the traditional list of birthstones is as follows, based on the months of the year. We haven’t been able to find a precise origin for the tradition, but some people believe it can be traced back to the biblical book of Exodus, where in chapter 28, Moses gives instructions to incorporate 12 precious stones into the high priestly breastplate of his brother Aaron.

  • January: Garnet
  • February: Amethyst
  • March: Aquamarine
  • April: Diamond
  • May: Emerald
  • June: Pearl or Alexandrite
  • July: Ruby
  • August: Peridot
  • September: Sapphire
  • October: Opal or Tourmaline
  • November: Topaz or Citrine
  • December: Turquoise, Tanzanite or Zircon

Personalising Your Birthstone Charm Bracelet

To add even more love and thought to your charm bracelet gift, why not combine the bracelet with other materials and accessories? Here are some of our suggestions for creating an exclusive and elegant charm bracelet with birthstones:

Bangles, Chains & Bands

A popular way to personalise your charm bracelet with birthstone is to add different types of chain, bands or bangles. Each type of material has its own unique appeal and can be selected according to your daughter’s skin type. If she likes a loose fitting bracelet, try out a delicately thin chain bracelet. Or, she may prefer a band of fabric or leather in a variety of colours?

Personalised Message

Another way to add more lasting personal meaning to your gift is to add a trinket or charm engraved with your daughter’s initials or date of birth. This will give your bracelet a special and unique meaning for your daughter. You may also want to add a bar, disc or other charm engraved with a special message to make it more personal.

Colourful Crystals

Your daughter’s charm bracelet can make even more of a statement if you supplement the birthstone with additional crystals in complementary colours. Some people like to add the birthstone of parents and/or siblings to those of the receiver to represent the unbreakable bonds of the family relationship.

A Special Gift For A Special Person

Your daughter’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the relationship you have. Giving the gift of a birthstone charm bracelet is a unique way of telling her how special she is to you. A charm bracelet can be added to over many years and is truly a gift that lasts a lifetime.



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