Where To Buy Charm Bracelets That Won’t Affect Sensitive Skin?

Where To Buy Charm Bracelets That Won’t Affect Sensitive Skin

If you want to buy a charm bracelet for someone who has sensitive skin, care must be taken in choosing the right style, material and quality. Why is this? Many pieces of jewellery are made from so-called ‘non-precious’ metals, such as nickel, aluminium, stainless steel or lead-free pewter. Calling them non-precious doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with these types of jewellery – there are some fantastic pieces of jewellery out there – only that they are not made from the precious metals of gold, silver or platinum.

The problem with non-precious metal jewellery from the perspective of someone with sensitive skin is that they may prompt an allergic reaction. Different manufacturers apply different standards of quality to the material they use in their jewellery. There are many types of metal that are commonly used in bracelets, especially when it comes to bangles and chain bracelets. Bracelets made from low quality metals can be problematic for a person with sensitive skin, especially when worn every day for long periods of time.

Wearing jewellery made from the ‘wrong type’ of metal can lead to skin rashes, redness, itchiness and hives.

Only Choose Quality Metal For Your Charm Bracelet

As a charm bracelet is a gift that should be treasured for years and hold great sentimental value, it is therefore essential that you source your jewellery from a well-established provider with a reputation for quality products, original design and a perfect finish.

At I Love Charm Bracelets we fashion all our charm bracelets from high-quality silver, meaning a person with sensitive skin will never experience an adverse reaction from the metal. Other materials suitable for people with sensitive skin include rose gold, glass, silver, white gold, titanium and platinum, as well as leather, fabric or plastic.

Things To Remember When Buying Charm Bracelets For People With Sensitive Skin

Before you stress over where to buy charm bracelets for your loved one, please bear the following tips in mind. People with sensitive skin wear charm bracelets all the time with no issue: you just need to take a bit of extra care to find a suitable supplier.

The Risk Of A Skin Reaction Is Small With A Bracelet

Most adverse reactions to non-precious jewellery come from earrings or rings, which are in constant, close contact with sensitive areas of skin. Generally, bracelets pose less of a threat of skin issues because they are loose fitting and do not rub against the skin as much. Even though a bracelet may touch the skin of the wrist, it is unusual for it to cause intense irritation. To avoid any risk, choose a bracelet made of silver, steel, a high grade nickel alloy, or a non-precious metal with a silver coating. These materials are all non-allergenic, and come with a far lower price tag than gold or platinum!

A Metal Bracelet Is Not Your Only Option

Many charm bracelets use a metal chain from which to hang the charms, but this is not your only option. There are some beautiful fabric, ribbon or leather bracelet alternatives that look great with a wide variety of charms. A high quality fabric or leather bracelet will last for years and can be worn for long hours without any irritation. They are available in many different colours and can be combined with silver or precious metal charms for a truly personalised piece of jewellery.

High Quality Personalised Jewellery From I Love Charm Bracelets

Our online store has a wide variety of beautiful charm bracelets available, each with extensive personalisation options. Take a look through our product range and please let us know if you need any assistance.


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