Dazzling Jewellery from Mummy Days


It’s Christmas!!!!   As we enter the magical last week before Christmas, I had the pleasure to also think of my Son’s 6th birthday.  An afternoon at the #BritishMuseum was all he wanted and so that is what we did!  If he wants to learn about history, who am I to stop him?!!  Saved me shoving through crowds of people in Hamley’s, Winter Wonderland, Ice rinks and all the other top attractions in London at this time of year, phew!



So what has this visit got to do with jewellery you may ask? Whilst having to stop the kids from playing hide & seek amongst the mummies and curled up skeletons from the past, I stumbled across the Egyptian glass show cases that held the most exquisite jewellery from that era.

More than 5,000 years after emerging as a culture, the ancient Egyptians are still influencing style and design. Pyramids aside, their most stunning contributions might be their jewellery: gold, ceramic, and semi-precious stones mounted on elaborate necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. The Egyptians wore jewellery for many reasons, from marks of status and love of beauty to personal protection and health.

Read more at https://jewelry.lovetoknow.com/Ancient_Egyptian_Jewelry#YuOSGSQHZvYQw4BQ.99



Jewellery was a fashion statement way back when the Egyptians queens charmed themselves with homemade gold and silver handcrafted jewellery.  Times have moved on and we are still handcrafting jewellery.


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