Cute, Fun, Unique Jewellery…but for who?

Jewellery for New Mum’s

As we enter the latter part of January 2019, long gone are the thoughts of tinsel, Rudolph the Naughty Elf!  What’s next?  I always like to plan in advance and stay on top of things although not easy, being a working mum of 2.  I have thought about the next occasion in the calendar and next on the list is the arrival of Valentine’s!!  However, we forget that there are occasions that happen everyday! The arrival of those cute little babies!!  That’s why Blooming Charms likes to feature jewellery for new mums!

We all know that anti-natal Mummy is well looked after, what about looking after post-natal Mummy? Everyone tends to focus on baby, however we should treat Mummy’s too, not an easy job to take care of baby!  Our fun, cute and adoring jewellery features sterling silver baby charms that will make Mum smile, cherish her keepsake, and think of herself as the beauty she is.



Finding the right charms is not easy, scouring through and thinking of what will work is a long process so please be aware that a lot of thought has gone into designing our items.  We want our customers to enjoy their keepsakes and perhaps pass them down one day.


Cherish the moment and let charm tell her story….


optional birthstone



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