Every Charm Tells A Story – Here’s Mine!

Every Charm tells a Story

I haven’t blogged in a while and if you didn’t know, blogging is like writing a book! You can have a mind block and at other times, it just flows. I must have had a mind block moment but now I am back with flowing material to hopefully draw you in!

Jewellery is full of meaning and subtle expressions, here’s why.

Charms can be very pretty, exquisite, elegant and personal. It’s the latter that captures my heart as each charm you wear can tell a story about yourself or your recipient.  When choosing jewellery, we not only look at design but also what it will mean to someone, from hearts to anchor charms, from angels to tree of life charms…..each one will tell its own story.

My charm story
I choose to wear my heart toggle bracelet today representing my love for bloomingcharms, it is a clear reminder of the hard work I have put in and the realisation that nothing is easy, it takes time and energy to get it right hence the circle of life on my bracelet that depicts this ongoing and everlasting challenge.


My necklace charm is of a heart with an infinity symbol, the story here is of infinite love for my family who I keep close to my heart.

Each charm on a necklace or bracelet will tell a story of the wearer’s life, who they are, were, and what made them the person they are today. Each one worn should have a special meaning, it’s a way of expression without words…

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