Goodbye Summer and Hello Christmas!


Wow, that was a long mind block I had!  Summer is over though and do we start buying for Christmas now?!  Having been to some department stores, I am already seeing shelves being prepared for Christmas stock and I have only just celebrated the kids going back to school after 5 weeks off!

I am sure this is happening earlier every year.   I’ll be buying sun lotion along with some mistletoe next year!  #Selfridges has already opened its Christmas store, 149 days early!


Image result for christmas gift image

Christmas seems to be the next big occasion and with #Brexit around the corner, some pre-planning may be required!  Here are a few things that can be done now:

  • Book a holiday out of here (obviously not with Thomas Cook)
  • Start shopping for loved ones before the price hike (want to buy sterling silver jewellery?!)
  • Cut down your gift list numbers!
  • Add #bloomingcharms to your list for high quality #gifts at great prices
  • Shop from small businesses for a more personal service


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