Hearts Galore!

What shall I blog about Valentine’s?  This was tricky! hmmmmm, it’s a long shot but I can only try!  It comes around every year, it stands out like a sore heart but still makes our hearts melt, and enough to make us spend even more money! So why do we do it?!

Because we LOVE  Valentine’s day!  We love seeing all the heart shaped chocolates, teddies and we start to glow again after what is normally a dismal January! It is the first occasion since Christmas and we need to face the year being heart strong, forget head strong!

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We take it to heart….literally so let’s have a heart healthy valentine’s day!  Let’s keep shopping, bopping and being happy from here onwards…There are #hearts written all over Blooming Charms
It’s what makes us bloom.

Heart and Birthstone

Triple Heart NecklacePersonalised Necklace


Our Blooming Hearts are the ideal treat for Valentine’s, not only for your other half, but for your wife, your daughter, your friend or simply for yourself!! I am at the stage where treats for myself works just as well as giving! One for you and two for me! 🙂

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