Help Me!!! My Jewellery is Tarnishing!

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As I sprayed my newly found Gucci perfume (at the back of the cupboard!) this morning, a quick spray over my clothes and I was suddenly appalled at how I had sprayed my necklace too!!!  I would normally not be too bothered however working everyday with jewellery , I have come to the realisation that I must take more care of my #sterlingsilver pieces.


I quickly wiped any perfume off my necklace and got on with my day! So how do you take more care of your jewellery?



This photo depicts before and after if you do not care for your #jewellery.  The tarnished bracelet (found in our sample box amongst lots of other jewellery) is only a subtle tarnish when compared to a new product right beside it. To prevent this from even happening, we have pointers and furthermore, each of our products on our site has a tab for jewellery care.


All Blooming Charms jewellery is inscribed with ‘ilove’ and has been made with great care, using 925 Sterling Silver, Rhoduim Plated Rose Gold and Semi Precious Stones.  Our stones can vary in tone and finish, due to the stones being natural.


You maybe someone who just throws your necklaces and bracelets in the jewellery dish at night or puts them with other jewellery where they may tangle, scratch and lose its sparkle?

In order to protect your jewellery and make it last longer, we recommend using a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth and store each piece separately in a pouch or the original box they arrived in, to prevent scratches and chains tangling.  Please handle with care when cleaning.

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For longevity, It is important to not let your jewellery come into contact with household detergents, perfume, lotions, chlorine, shower gels etc. that could tarnish your jewellery over time.  Saying this, I did wear my blooming charms bracelet every single say on holiday and am happy to say that it lasted in the sun, chlorine and shower!! It’s obviously the quality of our silver that is proving to be hard wearing!

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Non Abrasive Cleaning Cloth


Just remember that with proper care and attention & by following these steps, your sterling silver jewellery should give you many years of sparkle and enjoyment.