Perfect Zodiac Jewellery

Nowadays, not only women but young girls also get to enjoy wearing different types of jewellery. What better type of jewellery to gift to your friends other than the gemstone jewellery zodiac collection from Blooming Charms? They look good on women and girls since each of the zodiac jewellery pieces have unique designs and colours.

Here are a few ideas on what type of jewellery you should give to a particular zodiac sign. Blooming Charms has every type of handmade jewellery you would want to give as a gift!

  • Aries usually like spiky jewellery and any angular shapes. Silver necklaces with rubies are great for those under the Aries sign
  • Taurians love materialistic thing. Gift them jewellery which is bold or very delicate with stones which have a yellowish hue.
  • For Gemini, silver jewellery with purple stones are the best choice.
  • For Cancerians, rings with moonstones and amethysts is a good choice. They give sentimental value to everything.
  • Leo’s like their jewellery to be flashy and made up of bright metals such as gold or copper with gems like amber.
  • Virgo’s love intricate jewellery designs, mostly in silver or gold.
  • Libran’s can get easily influenced by others. No matter what type of jewellery you gift them, make sure it has some kind of gemstone.
  • Scorpion’s don’t like anything off-the-charts. Topaz and opal should always be on the list.
  • Sagittarians love blue so gift them stones like sapphires and turquoises.
  • For Capricorns, anything which is close to nature, like leather bracelets or lapis lazuli stones will work.
  • Aquarians are original and great humanitarians. Gift Aquarians anything which is eco-friendly. They love amethyst and opals.
  • Jade, rock crystals, sapphire, bloodstones and aquamarines are the stones you should gift to Pisceans.

Your friends will love you for knowing what their preferences for jewellery are.