Why Buy Handcrafted Jewellery?


1) I don’t know about you, but as a busy mum, I seem to have limited time to keep going in and out of the house to shop for any kind of jewellery, especially with a young family in tow! Forget about department store jewellery which tends to be mass produced and designed toward the trend of the moment. Nice for a bold fashion statement but why not celebrate your own style and gift someone a unique personalised piece, what most people don’t have.




2) Workmanship is evident, and handcrafted jewellery can last forever, especially with its personally chosen pieces.  I prefer to own fewer good pieces that I love as quality outweighs quantity in my book.


3) Your handmade jewellery will become a conversation piece. Whenever I wear handcrafted jewellery, I get asked about it. I get to share my story and it sure feels good to promote the talents of what goes behind handcrafted jewellery.


4) It makes more sense for jewellery artisans to promote their work on a site like #bloomingcharms.  Profits go to a company who has you in mind and spends time and effort to make these individual pieces.  Profits are better of here than in department stores.


5) Handmade jewellery is not only a piece of art but retains its value as such. Blooming Charms uses high quality .925 sterling silver which is imported to provide the best for our customers.


6) Purchasing handcrafted jewellery benefits the small business and not these huge department stores, it is more personal and you will be remembered more!


7) Handmade jewellery need not break the bank when purchased directly. Jewellery store markup varies however we tend to keep our markups low!


8) Handcrafted jewellers take pride in their work, and are known for forming one-on-one relationships with their customers. They work hard to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase and your shopping experience.


9) Handmade jewellery makes a fantastic gift for any any occasion. By choosing something handmade the recipient will know you spent the time to choose a meaningful present, and will think of you often while wearing the piece.



10) Great design and craftsmanship never goes out of style!