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Sterling Silver Female Bracelet


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Sterling Silver Female Bracelet

Circle charms are quite popular these days due to the simple yet classy design, along with what they symbolise. This Sterling Silver Female Bracelet depicts eternity, which means there is no end. The interpretation is your choice – it could mean that life has come a full circle, it might signify that friendship and love that has no end, and while others can look at it as a chic accessory.


Product Description

*   Metal : 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium
*   Cross Charm size : 11 x 6m
*   Bracelet Length : 7.5″ adjustable to 6.5″
*   Bracelet type :  Fine Trace


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Jewellery Care

All Blooming Charm jewellery is inscribed with ‘ilove’ and has been made with great care, using 925 Sterling Silver, Rhoduim Plated Rose Gold and Semi Precious Stones.  Our stones can vary in tone and finish, due to the stones being natural.

In order to protect your jewellery and make it last longer, we recommend using a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth and store each piece separately in a pouch or the original box they arrived in, to prevent scratches and chains tangling.  Please handle with care when cleaning.

For longevity, It is important to not let your jewellery come into contact with household detergents, perfume, lotions, chlorine, shower gels etc. that could tarnish your jewellery over time.

With proper care and attention & by following these steps, your ilove sterling silver jewellery should give you many years of sparkle and enjoyment.




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