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Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

Look up in the sky – follow your Zodiac signs. Wish for knowledge and insight into your loved ones and friends. Could their DNA be written in the stars? Follow the clues in the Zodiac cycle as you explore the symbolic sign.



Aries, Sign of the Ram, ruled by planet Mars, stands for the go-getters in your life – the natural-born leaders. Embellish any “i love” custom bracelet, bangle, or necklace with a sterling silver charm featuring an Aries symbol. For friends and loved ones born 21 March to 19 April.



Taurus, Sign of the Bull, ruled by Venus, embodies strength, stamina, and yes, a stubborn streak. Yet this Earth sign can also be loving, generous, and supportive. Let the Bulls in your life know how deeply you appreciate them with an “i love” silver Taurus charm. 20 April to 20 May.



Gemini, Sign of the Twins, ruled by Mercury, signifies your friends who love philosophical discussions. They are logical, intellectual, and playful. Give a gift with the “i love” Gemini symbol charm to loved ones born of this Air sign, 21 May to 20 June.



Sensitivity, imagination, and empathy define Cancer, a Water sign ruled by the Moon. Deeply emotional, Cancers can be as mysterious as the Sea. Celebrate your creative friends, born 21 June to 22 July, with an “i love” Crab symbol charm (and maybe a Moonstone or two).


Leo, Sign of the Lion, ruled by the Sun, roars for your love, respect, and attention. Keep these fiesty, Fire Sign cats feeling contented with “i love” charms that sport their Zodiac symbol and a bevy of brilliant gems. Anyone born 23 July to 22 August will purr in delight!



Virgo, an Earth sign ruled by Mercury, has intense powers of observation. Your loved ones born between 23 August and 22 September are diligent, analytical, and fascinated by details. Add the Virgo Zodiac symbol to any “i love” charm bracelet, bangle, or necklace.



Libra, a sign of the Scales ruled by Venus, stands for balance, debate, decision-making, and justice. These problem-solvers can see both sides of an issue, while keenly appreciating beauty. Embellish any “i love” design with a charm bearing the Libra symbol, for friends and family born 23 September to 22 October.



Scorpio, Sign of the Scorpion, ruled by Mars as well as distant Pluto, represents sensuality and mystery. Scorpios (23 October to 21 November) tend to have magnetic personalities. Bubbly and sometimes unpredictable, they put the sting of joy into everyday life. Add a Scorpio charm to your “i love” creations.



Sagittarius, a Fire sign ruled by Jupiter, signifies exploration – whether via travelling or philosophical gleaning. It’s all about the hunt, the chase, the quest, for those born 22 November to 21 December. Stimulate their loyalties by combining a Sagittarius symbol with a beguiling birthstone in your “i love” design.



Capricorn, Sign of the Goat ruled by Saturn, personifies strong-willed, down-to-earth practicality and success via hard work. The Goats (22 December to 19 January) may be among the more conservative family members on your shopping list. Delight them by adding a Capricorn charm to an “i love” keepsakes.



Aquarius, sign of the Water Bearer and ruled by distant Uranus, champions the underdog. Considered the humanitarians of the Zodiac, those born of this Air sign (20 January to 18 February) tend to be easy-going idealists, realising their achievements by unorthodox means. Celebrate your Aquarians with an “i love” charm centred by their symbol.



Pisces, Sign of the Fish, ruled by Neptune, have a watery grace. They are dreamers. Known for being intuitive and artistically expressive, Pisces, born 19 February to 20 March, swim gently, quietly, and (perhaps) in a world of their own. Treasure their way of being by giving them an “i love” design adorned by the fish symbol.